Photomicroscopy —
  1. Physis
  2. Awaken
  3. Tastemakers
  4. You & Me
  5. Eco-Connectivity
  6. Biohilia Hypothesis
  7. Terre Novum
  8. B/W

  1. Forever Pizza
  2. Prayer Beans
  3. Treasure/Snacks
  4. Ladder
  5. Plane
  6. Medallions
  7. Insecurity

  1. Animal Butt Magnets
  2. Pack Rack
  3. Pizza Night Light
  4. Pizza Luggage Tag
  5. Pizza Hot/Cold Pack
  6. Pizza Post-it Notes
  7. Pizza Coasters
  8. Microphone Erasers
  9. Scuba Contact Lens Case
  10. Narwhal Party Picks

Special Projects
  1. Pizza School
  2. Museum of Food and Drink
  3. MyoTomato 
  4. Soiled (IGEM)
  5. World’s Largest Pizza Box Exhibition

Steph Mantis—

In short, a human being, making, thinking, reframing, sharing, and loving with high hopes of inspiring the same in others.

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