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In short, a human being, making, thinking, reframing, sharing, and loving with high hopes of inspiring the same in others.

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1. Forever Pizza

Pizza, acrylic
Initially from AmDC’s “Threat”

             This is what happens when you grow up in a pizzeria and then go to art school. Originally conceived in response to an art show about hypothetical weapons. American Design Club’s “Threat” asked designers “it’s 3am, someone is breaking into your house... what do you grab to defend yourself with?” Having grown up in a pizzeria, every night of my life is a pizza party of sorts, so I thought I’d grab last night’s slice-- you know, the one that was hard and dry-- and throw it like a ninja star.

That was in late 2011. The show opened in March of 2012 to great success. I sold a few slices, and thought that’d be it. I was wrong. The internet found it and went a little crazy. I got a bunch of inquires, sold my remaining slices, and then put it back to bed. But a year or so would go by, and the whole thing would happen again. The thing I had designed to “keep people away” was bringing more and more toward me. I renamed it “Forever Pizza” because duh, that’s what it is. And I’d rather honor connection than defense.

Eventually, I decided it was worth exploring a production-friendly method, and in 2019 sent an email to the most patient wait-list of all time. I sold out in less than an hour, my head/heart exploded, and the story continues to grow. More on that later, in the mean time, I am producing limited amounts of Forever Slices.