In short, a human being, making, thinking, reframing, sharing, and loving with high hopes of inspiring the same in others.

Deeply interested in what connects us,
especially if it involves a sensory or emotional experience of food or human nature.


Steph Mantis for B&H

profile & ad campaign

My bio-art and family’s pizzeria were recently featured in a customer story ad for B&H.
Released October of 2021

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“Bloom” for SAGA

Glass, brass, white ash.

“Bloom” is a candy caddy for SAGA, a fine dining restaurant perched on the 63rd floor of 70 Pine Street, a landmark Art Deco tower in New York’s Financial District.
Saga opened in August of 2021.

Forever Pizza

Forever Pizza

Real pizza, lucite
2012 - ongoing

Made with mini-slices from my family’s pizzeria, Pizza By Alex located in Biddeford, Maine.

100% real
100% forever
Originally conceived 2011 for AmDC’s show “Threat”

Product Design

Animal Butt Magnets

licensed and distributed by Kikkerland
2011 - ongoing

One of each theme, packed and shipped by yours truly.
Will sign butt(s) of your choice upon request.

Pack Rack: Artist Edition

Brass and reclaimed wood

This is tiny.
It’s made for keys and necklaces, not coats.

10” x 1/5” x 0.5”

Made to order, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Bio-art /

(Digital photos taken through a microscope.)

The following images are composed of hundreds of individual images. Each “frame” is actually a  stack of images compressed to make one image, and then that compressed image is stitched with other compressed images to make a singular composition.

The above images are licensed and distributed by VAST.

Steph & Dan’s Optical Massage
*click for optical pleasure*

Bio-Art Prints

miscellaneous glimpes of nature

Look again, look closer; there is beauty in everything.

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“Wind Honey” by Peals.

Music Video

Float through the cosmos inside a single drop of honey. Shot using a microscope, Wind Honey is a meditative, abstract journey through a golden, viscous universe.

Directed by: Steph Mantis & Bruce Willen
Microscope & Camera: Steph Mantis
Edited by: Bruce Willen
Released July 2020


physical + visual experiments with language

“Begin Again”

Solid brass
Doorknob Show NYC Design Week May 2019
Made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

A door symbolizes new opportunities, a change of perspective; a chance to begin again. Through subtle use of text, the knob becomes a tool; aligning the body and mind as it enters a liminal space. In this balanced position, spiritual growth is possible. By carving this classic Trajan font derivative and aligning the last two letters of each word, we are reminded that to truly begin again, we must ultimately journey inward.

“Words of Reflection”

Culture of Contamination, SciArt Magazine Volume 43 
December 2020


The use of contrast in “CLIMATE CHANGING” shows that for there to be healthy climate change, we as individuals must change. With unprecedented challenges facing our external, physical world, it seems logical that we find ourselves further divided internally and ideologically; one extreme is countered by the other. Nature is perpetually balancing itself. To heal or balance our external outer world, we must also balance our internal emotional world. While “climate changing” in the external sense has a negative and anxious connotation, “climate changing” in the internal sense has a positive and relaxing connotation.


Within our BELIEFS, there is always a lie. By believing in one thing, we inherently accept that what is not that, is a lie. This binary relationship limits and deceives us. It's not a matter of choice- each half needs each other to exist. In this piece, the "lie" is left blank, or as perceived in opposition to black, "white," to remind us that the lies within our beliefs often present themselves to us as innocent.


“PRACTICE” is a reminder that if we don’t act, we ultimately pay the price. The message is within the word itself. As it relates to climate change and beliefs, if we don’t act now, we will pay the price later.

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Embroidered knit beanie
Because no one that wears a “security” hat actually has it.
And because to work on our insecurities, it helps to externalize them.

*Sold Out*

I am open to commissions, collaborations, and speaking opportunities
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